How Field Trip Helps Clean Up Cluttered Salesforce Orgs

There’s an app on the Salesforce Appexchange called “Field Trip” that is great for cleaning up your objects.  Basically, you can run an analysis against any object in your org and see how often your fields are being populated.  This is great when you are coming close to field limits, or just want to remove anything that is unnecessary in your setup.

I’ve used this app to run reports against several objects and found that on average our users are only populating about 30% of the fields that have been created!  That means we have a potential of 70% reduction in the number of fields, thus decreasing the complexity in our org!

For a demo, or to try it out, go to the AppExchange and search for Field Trip.  There are some very simple instructions to follow and you’ll be off and running!

Hope this helps the everyday admin 😀

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