So I’ve decided to start adding a new type of blog post to this site in an effort to stay more consistently engaged with it (I’ve been slacking and not paying as much attention to it as I would like).

I’m going to start posting Today I Learned (#TIL) posts in addition to the regular how-to posts I’ve been doing.  A few reasons for this

  1. Stealing this idea from a Lifehacker post I read the other day that gave me the idea
  2. I’m currently undertaking the task of learning the Lightning framework and there are several gotchas and minor issues I’ve come across – and this seems like a good place to document them
  3. I need to stay more engaged on this site.

So hopefully this will mark a new chapter in this site’s activity and my upcoming posts will help you save the time it’s taking me to get through this learning curve 😉

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