Use a Fieldset in APEX and Visualforce

There are times where you may need to access fieldsets in APEX to dynamically generate pages in Visualforce.  In Apex, there are 2 main ways to do this, and you can select which approach you need based on what data you have available at runtime. Getting Fieldsets in Visualforce You can access fieldsets directly from a […]

How Field Trip Helps Clean Up Cluttered Salesforce Orgs

There’s an app on the Salesforce Appexchange called “Field Trip” that is great for cleaning up your objects.  Basically, you can run an analysis against any object in your org and see how often your fields are being populated.  This is great when you are coming close to field limits, or just want to remove […]

Pre Populate Forms in Salesforce using URL Hacking

Here’s an example of using URL hacking to pre-populate fields in a form on Salesforce.  The following can be set as a button action, or href on a page link that will pass parameters for whatever field I specify. This example is from a button on Opportunity that opens a Case with the Account and […]